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RECORD CLEANING & RESTORATION - Audio Desk Pro Systeme by Gläss - VinylPursuit.com

Record Spa! Record Cleaning & Restoration with the Audio Desk Pro Systeme by Gläss

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It's like Spa Day for your albums! Treat your records to a professional cleaning by the ultrasonic Audio Desk Pro Systeme by Audio Desk Systeme Gläss.

This German-engineered wonder is the latest in ultrasonic record cleaning technology. Not just a surface clean, this process removes the build-up and gunk that gather in record grooves over time.

Even new records benefit from a thorough cleaning from the Audio Desk system as residue from the manufacturing process can get caught in those precious grooves. Get clean and improve dynamic range! Albums are restored, hand polished and placed into our own audiophile-grade inner and outer sleeves. The cost is per record with 12", 10" and 7" records welcome!

Who doesn’t love clean records? Your ears and your gear will thank you!

Please Note: This service is now included with every record we sell at no cost, adding even more value to the albums you choose!