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Inner Record Sleeves - 25 Pack for LPs


Protect your investment! Audiophile-grade archival, anti-static, acid free, no-scratch inner record sleeves. Records slide into these sleeves and the sleeves slide into album covers with reduced scratching and dust build-up. The fit is excellent and can accommodate even heavier grade vinyl records. These high quality protective sleeves are the choice for discerning record collectors.

Format: 12 inch LP

Material: one side of the sleeve is 2 mil HDPE and the other side is thin rice paper sandwiched between two layers of 1.18 mil HDPE. The rice paper provides rigidity for inserting and removing records, but the records are always protected by the HDPE film.

Quantity: Package of 25 inner sleeves

Protect your investment today!

Customer Reviews

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Marco Lefrançois
Perfect protection

If you're looking for protection, this is the right kit

Garret Wasylenki
Quality inner sleeves

Tried these inner sleeves having used generic paper ones. Records slide in super easily and smooth. These inner sleeves easily fit into the record jacket. The soft plastic material leaves no scratches and easily matches pricy “MO-FI” sleeves I have tried before.