Collector's Spotlight - Bruce Glowienka

Tammy Brown
01 Jul , 2021

Bruce Glowienka record collector


Bruce Glowienka is a record collector an all-purpose hell raiser from back in the day. His life and work have always focused on music. Bruce was a radio personality on the Morning Show with CKND, Winnipeg. Next, he worked for the CBC during the early years of Sesame Street. Along the way, Bruce also owned a few record stores, and a head shop in the late seventies. He also worked as a set technician (drums) for a few bands in the early eighties and has just recently retired after 44 yrs in the biz…. And now it’s time to chillax!  

Today, he shares with us, a collection he’s amassed over 56 years, consisting of nearly 15,000 titles including some serious gems and rarities. His collection is divided into the records into his playable "party" vinyl of roughly 4,500 LP’s, while his personal collection of 9,000 pieces is where the gold lives. And, Bruce is also willing to admit that he is a proud member of Brother Jake's Disco Army.  


Bruce Glowienka record collector

Bruce’s Signature Statement: “If music be the food of love… Play on.”
- Shakespeare 


VP: Your collection is massive! What is your most coveted piece?

Bruce: See that pic of me holding the Beatles-Abbey Road? Did you notice they are walking back across the road?! I paid $850 for it… Only 1000 were pressed in 69-70.


Check it! The very rare Beatles Abbey Road, walking in reverse.


VP: Wow! That is something else… They only go up in value.

Bruce: Yep. A normal Abbey Road US pressing is $40-60. The Japanese blood red version is around $100-$125.

VP: What else stands apart in your collection?

Bruce:  There are many I love, but a couple I most cherish would be a copy of The Beatles (Y&T) " Butcher cover" First (state-peel mono version in VG++ condition that would be worth roughly $6,500 US. Another would be a really rare copy of a kinda "new" artist U2 (lol) 3 worth approximately $1,700 US

VP: That turntable… Tell us about it.

Bruce: That’s a Micro Seiki DDX 1000 with 2 arms: a Jelco 550l, a classic "Black Widow" arm. I also have a Sota "Comet" IV Series. I run a Denon 103 (moving coil) and a Sumiko #2 Blue Point cartridge.


Micro Seiki DDX 1000 with 2 arms: a Jelco 550l, a classic "Black Widow" arm

The very serious Micro Seiki DDX 1000 turntable.


VP: More on that please.

Bruce: My home system consists of all vintage pieces. I have a pair of McIntosh MC30 power amplifiers and a Mac MC50 pre-amp. Speakers are CLASSIC 70’s. The incredible, the outstanding… JBL L300 Summits. I also have a pair of L65's and a set of Tannoy “Reds". (NOT FOR SALE if anyone’s asking)!! 

VP: That’s serious! When it’s time to clean an album or two, what do you use?

Bruce: I use a handmade solution of isopropyl alcohol, water and just a few drops of dishwashing rinse like Jet-Dry.

VP: Is your collection insured?

Bruce: Oh ya! But to catalog every piece separately, that’s where the expense comes in. It's like $40/hr and he/she has to catalog every piece of vinyl you own, so ka-ching, right?! But it is what it is.

VP: You were mention something about the next generation?

Bruce: Both my sons have started to collect as well. No crap, just classic R n’ R

VP: Any advice for collectors out there?

Bruce: Condition, condition and condition. And, have fun out there!

Cheerz & Beerz!


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