Industrial Strength Ultrasonic Restoration with CleanerVinyl

Tammy Brown
15 Dec , 2023
Getting Clean with the CleanerVinyl ProXL System
Vinyl Pursuit specializes in vintage vinyl which we ship around the world daily. Nearly all our vinyl is sourced from collectors and so, lightly used. To provide the very best experience we can, we provide ultrasonic restoration and our own flesh sleeves for every album... Because our customer deserve nothing less!
Historically, we’ve employed AudioDesk Pro Systeme by Glass for outstanding results, but as we’ve grown, those systems can no longer provide the volume of cleaning and restoration needed.
Thus, we began the search for a system that could produce volume without compromising on quality or cleanliness. We found CleanerVinyl online and had the opportunity to speak directly with the system's developer. The decision to purchase was actually very easy. We opted for the full ProXL model with the 15L tank with 132 kHz frequency. Go Big or Go Home!
Vinyl Pursuit CleanerVinyl Vinyl Record Cleaning System
Set up was simple. The system is very easy and efficient to operate. And the output? The albums look beautiful. Customers are very happy and so are we. We would not hesitate to recommend this system to anyone.
Vinyl Pursuit CleanerVinyl Vinyl Record Cleaning System To View
Although we started with the ProXL system, there are different models and tanks to fit every cleaning need, from the audiophile to businesses such as ours. Cost of operation is also a major consideration and we find that the replaceable bits are minimal, micron filters and cleaning fluid and distiller water of course.  is essentially it. And, it's comforting to know that questions are quickly addressed. 
Another plus is that the CleanerVinyl system cleans both 45's and LPs ... Side by side. 
Vinyl Pursuit CleanerVinyl Vinyl Record Cleaning System 7" Single
We outfitted our CleanerVinyl with both the micron filter (to the left) and the fan unit for speedy drying. For its robust performance and excellent customer support, we give this system five solid stars!

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