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Question of the Week: How do you clean your stylus?

How do you clean your stylus?



Question #1

Do you clean your stylus? How do you clean it? Let’s talk about the why and how

Recently I had a “stylus episode” which I’ll talk about in an upcoming story. However, before that, I had wondered about the proper treatment of that all-important needle. Anyone can google, but I thought it would be much cooler to invite our readers to weigh in on how they care for their own stylus. I think sometimes this is a question people want to know, but might be afraid to ask. Please visit the Comments box below and let us know how you manage your stylus. Please preface your comments by letting us know what kind of table you have and where you consider yourself on the audiophile scale (1 being a beginner and 10 being hot stuff). Comments are moderated before they hit the website, so please keep that in mind. Ultimately, when Vinyl Pursuit readers have something to say, we want to hear it!



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