The Vinyl Pursuit Difference

Tammy Brown
17 Apr , 2021

The Pursuit of Vinyl? We Get Totally Get It.

Vinyl Pursuit Connecting People with the music

Connecting people with the music they love

It’s what we love to do. Whether we're offering up the vinyl that thrills or sharing an article aimed at improving your listening experience, we help collectors and enthusiasts find and enjoy the music that moves them.

What kind of records do we have? Vinyl Pursuit's Rock Shop offer all kinds of rock, pop, country, jazz, disco, R & B, folk, dance with more genres yet to come. Soon enough, the Rock Shop will stock artists from Motley Crue to Mozart and a whole lot in between.

Stumbling onto fun and unexpected vinyl can be just as satisfying as discovering that one special album you've been searching for forever. As a result, the albums that are selected for Vinyl Pursuit's Rock Shop have been chosen to both help you build a genre or artist you're working on or to top off a collection that's nearly complete. Wait, that's possible?  

At Rock Shop, you’ll find music for all tastes with more added daily! But why buy records from Vinyl Pursuit when you could buy from a faceless mega corporation? Here's a few good reasons:

Not Your Average Vinyl

At Vinyl Pursuit, records are inspected, restored, polished and carefully packaged. We add fresh protective inner and outer sleeves... Even the labels and covers receive attention! Once ready to go, our vinyl records are carefully packed and prepared for shipping, no matter where you call home. Speaking of shipping...

Shipping Matters!

We use 'Super Shipper' containers for powerful protection in transit and bubble wrap to spare! Keeping shipping costs as low as possible is important. Why pay more? We offer a live shipping feature, with low international rates which means you can make the delivery choices that suit you and see any shipping costs before you purchase. No surprises! And, speaking of no surprises...


Vinyl Pursuit Shipping Matters

Shop with Confidence

We strive to describe every album as accurately as possible although record grading can be a bit subjective. Regardless, happy customers are the best customers! If your package arrives and items are not as described. We’ll work to make it right. Guaranteed!

Keep it Clean!

All albums priced $14.99 and above are ultrasonically restored using the Audio Desk Systemé Pro, 2020 from Germany. They are just clean, these records are improved!

Can’t Find it Here? 

Contact us with the titles you're looking for and we’ll do our best to find them. We have a massive inventory beyond the titles available on Rock Shop and the album you’re looking for may just here and just not listed. We've been able to connect many happy Pursuers with the records they seek. It's one of our favorite things. Awww.... xo.


Mild barbarians is how we were once described. And, I can’t really deny it.

- Jimmy Page -


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